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Six Months, More Like Six Years

Approaching the 11th hour of this Sunday we finally rolled out of bed. Brooke and I made a night out of our six month since being married. In a way we could be celebrating six plus years together. I met the little lady above in February 2006. Now we garden together.

We had a lovely night indeed: dinner at Red Stag and drinks at Aster Cafe. 

I went outside to show Brooke where our new boulevard tree was going to be planted. We found a love letter in our bushes. Brooke couldn't read it, so we let it dry on one of the radiators. 

The first page was mostly apologizing for not writing and then the second page turned sour with lots of swear words. 

We drove downtown to eat brunch. We parked across from this rare small pre-1950s building that has somehow survived in downtown Minneapolis's ongoing urban renewal.

We decided to eat at La Belle Crepe since I picked up this for our post-wedding breakfast back on that October day.

This creperie is in a sliver of a room along the Nicollet mall.

We both got savory crepes even though we usually try to mix and match. 

I wanted something filling so I wouldn't be tempted by mall food later. 

Then we escaped the city and arrived in the future a.k.a. the Mall of America.

Since it was an icky day we decided on going here. Scott wanted his turn at getting some new clothes. It seems like we have been shopping a lot lately, but I still had Christmas money leftover that I was saving for clothing expenses. Last year we only spent $143 on clothing so I guess this year we're a little excited to wear something different. 

We started at Forever 21 since Brooke takes forever and a day to shop there.

Whenever I'm here I always wonder how old I'm going to be before I'm too old to shop here.

After following her around the entire store I let her try on her new wardrobe.

Meanwhile I sat watching some sort of baseball throwing competition. We went to H&M and Urban "what Cedric Bixler-Zavala from ATDI and the Mars Volta calls the Costco for the youth generation" Outfitters and picked up some more wears. 

 We saw an ad for google maps indoors. Scott had to test it out. It creepily knew what floor we were on.

We needed to get some dairy so after meandering through South Minneapolis we arrived at the co-op that formerly occupied the Wedge (neighborhood).

 I saw that oatmeal was on sale and made Scott get the big bag.

Brooke asked me to take a picture of her being cute.

You didn't follow directions well.

Anyone need a ceiling fan? We have 2 or 3 that we need to get rid of.

Our goods from today. Scott's shorts and my dress are both made of organic cotton. I'm glad it's starting to become more available.

After all of this it was time for dinner.

While I whipped together a pasta masterpiece, misreading one direction, Brooke started this weeks bread, pizza-style Focaccia. 

We went on our anniversary date as soon as I got home from work so I didn't check to see that it was going to take 2 days to make. 

I finished this zucchini-centric pasta dish before Brooke could stretch and fold the dough.

I ended up doing the stretching a folding.

I made ice cream for the first time in a long time. It could've been a year ago if memory serves us right.

 I was cleaning up the kitchen and anxiously watching the low flying clouds checking their movements. We saw a dark cloud coming lower and the wind picked up heavily. We ran right for the basement. It went away a few minutes later. I hate hate hate that I panic whenever a severe storm happens. I used to love thunderstorms.

I just had to show you guys this. Brooke has separated all of brown puzzle pieces by shape into our silver tea set. 

It was easier than making piles. 

I finished shaping the dough and getting it ready to finish tomorrow.

Normally this bread is made in a rectangle and eaten with herbed oil, but we did the pizza variation. And it was amazing. The best pizza crust I've ever had. If it didn't take 2 days to make I would always stick to this recipe.

We ended our sixth month-sixth year Sunday funday with some uber-creamy marscapone peanut butter banana chocolate chip ice cream. It was the perfect accompaniment to Brooke's favorite cartoon and hero, Daria


Blake Romenesko said…
The google thing is super creepy.
Women late in their 30's still shop at 21. At the dry cleaner's we used to get clothing from there all the time from the downtown business women. They have something for everyone there.
Amanda said…
Oh Scott…now we garden together. That made me laugh. I think you should have posted the letter you found…it would have been fun to see! :
I liked how Peanut is sitting on a lid that says, “Do not sit on lid”. :)
I want some of that ice cream!!! YUM!!
Amanda said…
Oh Scott…now we garden together. That made me laugh. I think you should have posted the letter you found…it would have been fun to see! :
I liked how Peanut is sitting on a lid that says, “Do not sit on lid”. :)
I want some of that ice cream!!! YUM!!
Amanda said…
Oh Scott…now we garden together. That made me laugh. I think you should have posted the letter you found…it would have been fun to see! :
I liked how Peanut is sitting on a lid that says, “Do not sit on lid”. :)
I want some of that ice cream!!! YUM!!
Brooke said…
Amanda--I posted that picture of Peanut because of what it said. I'm glad you noticed it.

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