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Almost Out of Here: Packing, Crafts and Bike Rides


We made it to the beach one last time this season. I'm really going to miss being able to walk to the beach whenever. 

It's October. Do they call this Global Warming or something?


Theo has been very naughty lately and runs away when it's time to go.

Theo still loves his magnatiles and plays every single day. 

We all love apple pancakes or really any variation of pancakes.

Just a few more weeks before the big move. We have a lot more stuff than I thought. 

Meadow made a bat signal out of paper, a flash light and magnatiles.

Clever gal.

Our busy days mean quick meals for dinner. 

I had to do some test baking for work. There were no complaints from this family. 

Sneaky buddy. 

Smoothies all the time. 

Theo somehow keeps himself busy as we pack, clean and pack some more.

It was another nice weekend so we went on a family bike ride. Grand Avenue is still closed which is perfect for us to bike down and not worry about cars.

Open Streets Grand Avenue has been fun.

We ended up biking right up to Tap Society. 

Snack lunch, FTW!

 While on one of our recent walks Meadow found an origami book in one of the little free libraries and has been hooked since.


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